Daniele Margutti

Hi! I'm a Software Engineer.
Since 2018 I leading the mobile team at Immobiliare.it.
I like building things, writing and I'm fellow minimalist.

What I Do

Build Things

I love opensource and I'm a fellow contributor. Currently I'm maintaining several libraries and tools especially for iOS development.
Check out my Github Profile.

Write a Newsletter

I love writing; I'm the author of TheBacklog.in newsletter, a monthly newsletter mostly about programming, techs, design and management.
Check it out!

Lead a Team

Since 2018 I'm leading the mobile team at Immobiliare.it. We are a team of ten amazing people; if you are searching for your next job drop me a message!

Explore the World

I love to travel because it excites me and energizes me! It takes me out of my comfort zone and exposes me to cultures, landscapes and people that I find so inspiring.