Thoughts on moving to a leadership role

Moving to a leadership role does not mean you will need to check every line of each PR, tearing your hair and hoping it will be not that bad day.

When I started the role of Technical Lead (feel free to replace it with any other variation of the role) I had a strong craving to control everything around me. This is not anything strange for tech people new to this kind of role.

Therefore it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, sad, or lost at times. This already happens in the early stages, when your team is small and the concurrent tasks are still manageable.
An example of this behavior is the attempt to perform every code review.
Probably you’re concerned that something will break if you don’t pay the necessary focus.
You won’t say anything new but, listen to me, it isn’t feasible and it does not scale.

But what you can do instead?
Some people hates code reviews but they’re an awesome opportunity to explore how someone solved a problem in their unique way and to have discussions on the programming craft.

Before anything else…
Before any automated tools, before linters and formatters you need to focus on two fundamentals activities:

Once you have consolidated these changes you can build at the top of it:

· leadership