Daniele Margutti

Hi, I'm Daniele, and I work as a technical team leader for the mobile platform.
My job involves managing products, developing software, building teams, and helping teams design and implement simple solutions to complex requirements, empowering human collaboration and creativity.

I love the simple and elegant design; I care a lot about great software and the people that make it.
In my downtime, I love traveling, reading books, and writing on this blog.


Since 2018 I have been working as Technical Team Lead at the mobile team at Immobiliare.it (wanna join our team? Check out the open positions here).

The most remarkable technical work I've led is the complete rewrite of the mobile applications and modularization. I've collaborated on establishing teams and development processes in these years and worked across product and design teams to deliver high-quality features.
We work using an agile-like approach and with code- reviews, continuous integrations, and Unit/UI testing.

I'm a team player with good communication skills high quality of work, and I am driven and highly self-motivated. I've strong negotiating skills and business acumen and can work independently.
I love to work across different teams as a bridge between other skills.

Get in touch

I'm always open to new opportunities and experiences; feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or via mail.
If you want to get in touch with my work, I'm also on several social networks: